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Why invest in Cape Verde ?


Good reasons for investing in Cape Verde

History :

Portuguese sailors discovered an archipelago of uninhabited islands between 1456 and 1460. The mountainous islands were so covered with vegetation. Several dry spells during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, deforestation and the abolition of slavery in 1866 brought the decline of the economy Cape Verdean, triangular intersection of trade routes between Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Independence of Cape Verde was acquired July 5, 1975. He then instaura a one-party communist regime and was abolished September 28, 1990. International observers have since qualified the elections as free and transparent.

Cape Verde has distinguished himself recently by a musical genre, the MORNA, thanks to the popularity of singer Cesaria EVORA and the musician Paulino VIEIRA and many other artists...

Political, demographic, security :

Democracy with elections every five years.

Boasting a modern legislation comparable to that existing in Europe, in the absence of ethnic strife and religious (Christian and 7% to 93% of Protestants), the country is booming economically. In 2010, 510,000 Cape Verdean living in their countries, over 700,000 are in exile abroad: 25% U.S., 75% in Europe, including 150,000 people in Portugal alone.

The official language is Portuguese but also the Crioulo (Creole Portuguese).
The second language is French. The population is mixed race, descendants of African slaves and European colonists.

Currency, economy :

€1 = $110 (PTE), parity is fixed with the euro, bank transfers are facilitated and unhindered. The growth rate has averaged 4% since 1985, 4.5% in 2010, inflation is 3%.

GDP per capita of €2 900

The right to property is guaranteed by a reform of the cadastre and real estate transactions are recorded by a notary, a state official.

Land registration is entered in the National Official Bulletin.

Taxation is very advantageous and is characterized by a lack of agreement between Cape Verde and France. The country needs to attract foreign capital and investors benefit from an attractive tax system. It is clear that early investors will benefit from a significant added value particularly for properties located at the seaside

A S. Nicolau, are cultivated corn, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans and bananas, coffee and sugar cane. This activity represents 12% of GNP. Industry is limited to the extraction of pozzolana (cement) sugar refining, distilling liquor, cigar making industry and the conservation of fish.

Climate activities :

Cape Verde has a dry tropical climate and sunshine all year round. The air temperature varies between 20 and 32°, water between 20 and 25°

No vaccination is compulsory. Reduces jet lag: 2 hours in winter 3 hours in summer. Retirees enjoy the climate, the reduced cost of daily life. Clichés paradise, there is an authentic life, a kind of wild beauty and the friendliness of the islanders.

The dragon, symbol of S. Nicolau, unique, growing between 500m and 900m.

The rich marine life of corals in the clear waters and fish. Whales pass offshore from December to April and sea turtles nest on beaches from June to September. Let's not forget the famous lobster!

It includes all water sports: scuba diving, windsurfing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing. Hiking enthusiasts will be amazed at the variety of trails and scenic beauty in nature in its natural state.

In Tarrafal, the black sand is known worldwide for its therapeutic properties for rheumatism, tendinitis and all joint problems.

Fauna encountered will be limited to a few lizards and monkeys, no snakes and scorpions.

Catering :

The basis of their diet consists mainly of fish, seafood and agricultural products.

A specialty, the cachupa, traditional dish consisting of corn, cassava, sweet potatoes and chorizo. This dish is served with either chicken, pork or fish (swordfish etc ...). The cachupa "refogado" Breakfast is served in along with chopped onions and egg dishes ... and the famous grog distilled on site.

Of course, there are dishes such as pizzas, meats etc. ....

Transportation :

Many direct flights (5h30 from Paris) or with a stopover in Lisbon from European capitals, with little time difference.

Charter flights from France, Italy, London, Brussels, Copenhagen etc ...
Cape Verde also connects Brazil, USA and Africa with its national airline, TACV

The sky opens air more and more about this country, tour operators looking for new deals to offset the loss of interest on certain tourist destinations in North Africa and always eager to please customers wishing to pristine destinations, ecological and authentic !

- 4 international airports in Cape Verde: Sal, Praia, Boavista or S. Vicente

- The Airfield S. Nicolau is near-RIBEIRA BRAVA, Tarrafal is 30 minutes on a nice asphalt road. (Flights every day except Sunday)

- Boats connect the islands of S. Vicente, S. Nicolau and Sal Island.